Prioritising public services and health underfunding a key commitment from Labour

The PSA’s call to restore funding to public and community services has been heard, with the Labour Party committing to refund health sector spending and invest in core public services in its fiscal plan.

“Labour is right to use the money National’s set aside for tax cuts to build desperately needed state housing, invest in families, put more money into public health, and re-start contributions to the Super Fund,” says Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretary.

“The persistent underfunding of our health sector – almost $2.3 billion since 2008 – means 10 per cent of Kiwis can’t access the surgery they need when they need it.”

“Committing to reverse this underfunding is the strongest commitment we’ve seen from any party to really address the mental health crisis in New Zealand, which is crucial.”

The plan also contains thorough proposals to restore balance and fairness to the tax system by cracking down on property speculation and multinational tax avoidance, as well as rejecting the creation of artificial surpluses by under-resourcing core public services.

“We’ve seen an erosion of the public service over the term of this Government, which has significantly impacted on access to services and the wages and conditions of our members, who are having to do more than ever with less.”

“It’s increasingly looking like this election campaign offers a clear choice between small personal tax cuts for individuals or a restoration of funding to vital public and community services."