Proposed rates cap will hurt Taranaki communities


The New Plymouth District Council Staff Association, and the unions representing New Plymouth District Council staff, the Public Service Association (PSA) and the EPMU, say a proposed cap on rates will only hurt residents by reducing services and quality jobs in the region.

Richard Wagstaff, PSA National Secretary, said “Libraries, zoos and swimming pools aren’t just nice to have, they play a key role in building communities and educating our kids,”


“Cutting these services won’t just hurt the staff who provide them, but the community as a whole.


“Good quality local jobs will be lost if services are cut, hurting people who proudly serve their community, and their families.”


Jen Natoli, EPMU organiser, said “The Taranaki public have until February to have their say, and we encourage people to speak up in favour of quality public services.


“The proposed cap on rates will have far reaching negative impacts across the community.


“Taranaki should be building up services to attract more people to the region, not cutting them and driving people away.