PSA calls on MPI to listen more to dog handlers in Auckland


The PSA is calling on MPI to listen more to dog handlers at Auckland Airport who have been advocating for a longstanding roster in the Border Clearance Services/ Detector Dog Programme at Auckland Airport to be reinstated for dog handlers.

“Affected PSA members at the airport have been voicing problems at the airport after they were moved to a roster last March that reduced the number of days off in the roster from four days to two,” says Glenn Barclay, PSA National Secretary. 

“These are workers who are totally dedicated to meeting the demands of maintaining biosecurity at New Zealand’s borders. They and the dogs they care for and handle are 100% focused on that job.

“The primary problem with the change in roster pattern has been a lack of sufficient rest and recovery and the related impact on work-life balance. This contributed to the filing of 9 health and safety reports in the first six months of the change in roster and has played a part in resignations in the dog handling team over the last year in a team where one resignation is too many.”

“Members believe that MPI has to take a more open attitude to responding to the concerns they have and to revert to the original roster, or similar, until an agreed resolution is reached –a roster that is still in use in Wellington and Christchurch as well as by other MPI staff at Auckland Airport.

“This has now reached a point of impasse and it would be in the interests of all concerned, and the health and safety of workers, to sit down and reset the discussion. This could also see a return to the 24/7 operation that was reduced to 21/7 coverage by MPI in January.”