PSA challenges politicians to take the next step for equal pay


A crucial part of the equal pay jigsaw will go before parliament later today, and the PSA is urging all parties to vote for it to go to select committee.

Jan Logie’s members’ bill will require employers to add gender as a payroll requirement - and allow employees to request access to this information.

"Ms Logie’s bill is an important step towards removing New Zealand’s still-troubling gender pay imbalance," PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says.

"While the government’s acceptance of the Joint Working Group’s recommendations has helped, few employers collect data on pay rates for different genders.

"Many women only find out by accident that they’re paid less than men doing the same job.

"This bill would make collecting that information mandatory, and would greatly help women who feel their work is not paid what it’s worth."

Ms Polaczuk is asking MPs from all parties to vote for the bill at least at first reading so submissions can be heard by a select committee.

"Achieving equal pay for women is not just a matter of passing a law," she says.

"It must be accompanied by a host of other changes which break down the bias against female employees and work predominantly performed by women.

"Select committee is the ideal place to debate those changes.

"I’m challenging all MPs to support this so we can have this important conversation."