PSA fully engaged in IRD’s Business Transformation project

Unions will be involved with the Inland Revenue Department’s Business Transformation project at every step of the way to ensure a just transition to new ways of working, the PSA says.

The IRD has today presented the business case for its change programme and confirmed that some 1500 full-time equivalent jobs are expected to go over the next eight years.

The department notes that 90 per cent of its staff will have at least some level of change in their jobs, as aging systems are replaced with new, sustainable ones.

The PSA’s National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says unions will be involved in the change process in order to minimise the impact on the workforce.

"The IRD has been proactive so far in communicating with us about the change process, and we will work with them to help staff through a period of massive change," Ms Polaczuk says.

"Security of employment for our members will be our main priority.

"The IRD’s committed to helping staff through the transition - including re-skilling for their existing roles or upskilling for new, more demanding jobs.

"It’s inevitable jobs will go, but we are committed to retaining as many as possible."

The IRD has promised to continue to engage with the PSA and other unions.