PSA welcomes merger with South Island-based local government union


The Public Service Association (PSA) and the Southern Local Government Officers’ Union (SLGOU) have voted for a merger of the two unions. Following a vote this week by members of SLGOU in favour of the merger, the PSA executive board today ratified the decision on behalf of PSA members.

The PSA has 6000 members working in local government across much of New Zealand, while the SLGOU’s 2000 strong membership is in Canterbury and Otago, and in particular at Christchurch and Dunedin City Councils.


Mike Tana, PSA President, said “This merger will mean a better deal for local government workers across the country,”


“As local body reforms and amalgamation become a hot topic across the country, our combined 8000 members will give us a stronger voice for quality services and jobs in local government.


“PSA members are looking forward to welcoming our SLGOU friends into our union, and working together for the benefit of all,” said Mike Tana.


Paul Cottam, SLGOU President, said “The vote by SLGOU members was an overwhelming endorsement of the proposed merger and its benefits.


“Our members work hard to improve the lives of Canterbury and Otago residents, and we look forward to working alongside PSA members in other parts of the country to achieve our common goals.


“The PSA, now with a combined 8000 members in the local government sector, is a voice that will be heard loudly on the crucial issues on which our members work,” said Paul Cottam.




The two unions will have a total combined membership of over 60,000, solidifying the PSA’s status as New Zealand’s largest union. 8000 of these members work in local government, across nearly every council in the country.


SLGOU members have two further procedural votes to make early next year to formally wind up the union as a legal entity, before the membership is formally transferred over to the PSA. This is scheduled to occur on 1 April 2015.