PSA welcomes Royal Commission of inquiry into abuse of children in state care


The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the abuse of children in state care is welcome and long overdue, the PSA says.

The Royal Commission will be chaired by former Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand, and is expected to report back by the end of the parliamentary term.

“We welcome this announcement, and the appointment of Sir Anand as chair,” PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay says.

“We will support our members to participate and have their voices heard.

“For too long, the survivors of abuse have been voiceless, and this inquiry will tell their stories – and, we hope, begin to heal their hurt.”

Mr Barclay says worker voices must be included in the development of the terms of reference and in the inquiry itself, and the PSA will consult with members at every stage.

“We believe social workers past and present must be treated with dignity and respect.

“Their right to privacy, a due process and natural justice will be central to the success of this inquiry.

“Social work practice has come a long way, and a clear-eyed examination of history will assist in further progress, development and healing.

“We are eager to work with the Minister and government officials to ensure this happens.”