PSA welcomes Waikato DHB probe


The Auditor-General’s inquiry into Waikato District Health Board’s spending on SmartHealth is a welcome development, the PSA says.

State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes requested the inquiry as part of his investigation into allegations of wrongful expenditure by former DHB CEO Nigel Murray.

The Auditor-General will look at the procurement process from HealthTap as well as the nature of the SmartHealth product.

"The Commissioner’s investigation is crucial to restoring public trust in Waikato DHB, which has been harmed by allegations against Dr Murray," PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says.

"We are glad the Auditor-General will look at this, as clear and transparent procurement processes are crucial to the proper functioning of the public service.

"We repeat our commitment to fully co-operate with the Commissioner’s inquiry."