Public servants do love their jobs - but staff survey will reveal hidden truths


The public service is a great place to work, but that’s because its employees love helping their communities and making a difference, the PSA says.

The Department of Conservation tops Randstad’s list of most attractive employers - with Television New Zealand in second place, and the New Zealand Customs Service third.

Seven of the 10 most attractive companies were from the public or education sectors.

The PSA welcomes the news, but says a truer picture of life in the public service will come next month when it releases a major survey of its members’ working lives.

"The survey confirms what we already know: nearly 90 per cent of those surveyed say meaningful public service is important to them," PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay says.

"Nearly three-quarters say making a difference to society is more important than personal achievements, and their work gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

"But there are widespread concerns about change in the workplace, and many of our members feel their jobs are insecure.

"We agree with Randstad that New Zealand’s public services are the best in the world.

"But public sector workers are what help keep it that way - and their commitment to their work.

"They deserve to feel secure and valued in their work."