Public service cap “relegated to the dustbin of history”


The public sector staffing cap is gone for good - and will not be mourned by PSA members.

“We are delighted this relic of National’s dismissive attitude towards the public service has finally been relegated to the dustbin of history,” PSA National Secretaries Glenn Barclay and Erin Polaczuk say.

“This is a big win for PSA members, who asked for a commitment from Labour to lift the cap – and today, the Government has followed through on that promise.

“For some reason, the previous government could never make the link between the pointless cap on full-time staff with the massive growth in contractors and consultants.

“The savings on contractors will help return the public service to its full complement of staff.”

Ms Polaczuk and Mr Barclay say this is the latest in a series of union-won policies which will help to restore the mana of the public service.

“For too long, our members have been doing more with less – thanks to a Government which made it clear it had little time for public servants.

“But they have stood together and asked for things to change, and it is gratifying to see those changes being made.

“The PSA will continue to fight for a united and strong public sector, which can deliver excellent services for all New Zealanders.”