Report on housing solutions risks damaging local democracy


The Public Service Association (PSA), the union for local government workers, says some suggestions in the Productivity Commission’s draft Using land for housing report risk taking power away from local residents to have a say about the future of their communities.

Warwick Jones, PSA assistant secretary, said “The report sees cities as economic units for the national good, rather than real places where people live, work and play,”

“There is a real housing crisis hurting thousands of New Zealanders and we welcome the Productivity Commission’s contribution to the debate.

“The proposed urban development authority has the potential to take the ability away from local residents to determine the future of their cities.

“Recommending compulsory acquisition powers be used could see Government riding roughshod over the rights of iwi.

“People are rightly concerned about how, where and when their cities grow, and local government is their avenue for voicing their opinion.

“Central government needs to work alongside local government to find solutions, not take all the decision making power for itself,” said Warwick Jones.




Using land for housing report