Residents’ voices heard loud and clear on Wellington amalgamation proposal


The Public Service Association (PSA) is glad the Local Government Commission listened to the overwhelming feedback against their proposal for local government amalgamation in the Greater Wellington region.

Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretary, said “The PSA has more than 700 members working in the Councils subject to the proposed amalgamation, and they will be glad that their jobs are no longer under immediate threat,”

“The level of engagement by residents was encouraging and shows the value and impact that local government has on all of our lives.

“Local residents were clear that this form of amalgamation was not wanted, and it is good that the Commission took this on board.

“While PSA members working for the affected Councils had a variety of opinions on the amalgamation, most felt the proposal should not proceed.

“The Commission has said it will go back to the community for further discussion and the PSA will continue to be a part of that discussion.

“Local government plays a vital role in making our daily lives run smoothly, and our members work hard to enable this.

“We hope this process has inspired residents to continue to engage with local government issues,” said Erin Polaczuk.