State Services Commission inquiry "an important step towards restoring faith"


The PSA welcomes the State Services Commission’s decision to hold an inquiry into treatment of whistleblowers at the Ministry of Transport.

The probe will examine how three Ministry employees came forward to disclose Joanne Harrison’s fraudulent behaviour, and whether they were targeted in a subsequent restructure.

The PSA will co-operate fully with the investigation and is offering support to members affected by the issues it raises.

"This inquiry is an important step towards restoring faith in the public service," PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay says.

"Transparency and accountability is fundamental to maintaining the public’s trust in the machinery of government, and public servants are a crucial part of this.

"In addition to this, the inquiry should give confidence that public service employees can speak up when they encounter wrongdoing - without fear for their jobs."

Mr Barclay says members or former members who have been affected by the Joanne Harrison case should approach the PSA’s Organising Centre on 0508 367 772 or