State Services Commission needs to step up efforts to pay women 100%


New figures show the government’s failing to lead by example in making sure female public servants are paid the same as their male colleagues.

The State Services Commission has revealed men working at Crown Law and the Ministry of Defence are paid nearly 40 per cent more on average than women.

The gap’s 28 per cent at the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, 26 per cent at the Ministry of Education and 27 per cent at the State Services Commission itself.

PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says the numbers aren’t surprising – but they are very disappointing.

“The government and the State Services Commission are failing to drive home the message that women working in the public sector are worth 100 per cent.

“These figures send a clear signal that our female members are not valued by their employers. 

“The government and the State Services Commission are part of the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity Principles, along with the PSA and other groups.

“They need to practice what they preach.

“We’re calling on the Commission in particular to take firm action on this, and require all departments to make progress on this by the time figures are released next year.”