Stats NZ throwing money away collecting same data twice


The Public Service Association (PSA) says Statistics NZ are throwing money away by collecting the same data twice for official statistics such as the Consumer Price Index. Statistics NZ are flying office-based staff around the country, putting them up in hotels, and sending them out to collect data that is already being collected by Statistics NZ own field interviewers.

As part of the ongoing industrial action, field interviewers who are PSA members are continuing to collect data, but are not sending it through to Statistics NZ.


Basil Prestidge, PSA assistant secretary, said “There is a significant worry that the lack of expertise from hastily trained office staff could lower the quality of the data being collected,”


“We’re already hearing from respondents like supermarkets that Stats NZ’s double collection is causing frustration and wasted time.


“I have written today to the Food & Grocery Council, supermarkets and others who provide data that our crucial economic statistics are based on.


“If Statistics NZ put the amount of money it has wasted on this double collection towards valuing their staff, we could probably come to a swift agreement on a new collective agreement.


“This needless waste of public funding is a sad indictment of how little Statistics NZ value their professional, skilled field interviewers and the vital work they do.


“We urge Statistics NZ to come back to the table with genuine movement towards a clear, fair, negotiated pay system,” said Basil Prestidge.




Letter from the PSA to data providers