Union officials detained by Fijian police

The PSA is calling for the immediate release of union officials currently being detained by the Fiji Government.

More than thirty union members were arrested yesterday by Fijian authorities in response to plans for a nationwide day of action on Friday, followed by a march on Saturday.

The members, who were kept in police custody overnight, include Secretary General of the Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC), Felix Anthony. 

Also detained were the general secretaries of the Fijian Teachers Association and the Fiji nurses’ union, along with an official from the National Union of Workers.

"We understand that the detainment of union officials was in response to an application from FTUC for a police permit to protest several labour issues on Saturday," says PSA national secretary Glenn Barclay.

"To detain unionists for no more than exercising their democratic rights is simply unacceptable, and the PSA stands in solidarity with Fijian union members."

"The PSA supports the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions in urging the New Zealand Government to take action and encourage the immediate release of the union leaders."