Visiting international expert on the way forward for pay equity


The Public Service Association (PSA) and the Council of Trade Unions are hosting a pay equity forum with visiting Australian expert Lisa Heap and the lawyer in the Terranova case Peter Cranney, to look at where to next for pay equity following the Court of Appeal’s recent decision in favour of care worker Kristine Bartlett.

What: Pay equity forum, hosted by the PSA and the CTU

Who: Lisa Heap, Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Employment Rights; and Peter Cranney, lawyer for the SFWU and Kristine Bartlett in the Terranova pay equity case

Where: Level 3, Education House, 178-182, Wellington

When: 5.30pm, November 13


Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretary, said “The next step for pay equity can’t just come from the courts, it must be led by Government working alongside the community,”


“We’ve been engaging extensively with pay equity expert Lisa Heap for 14 months, and she has some important lessons we can learn from the Australian experience.


“We’ve invited the State Services Commission to work with us to develop pay equity principles, and we look forward to building a constructive relationship on this issue.


“The PSA knows that women workers are worth 100%, and that pay equity is well overdue.


“We need to work out fair pay rates first, and then address any budgetary constraints after.


“Kristine Bartlett is to be congratulated for her strength, and now it is up to the rest of us to work together to make genuine pay equity a reality,” said Erin Polaczuk.