Will Anglican Family Care embody the Christmas spirit or continue being grinches?


Public Service Association (PSA) members working at Anglican Family Care (AFC) in Dunedin and other parts of Otago have resumed industrial action following the failure of mediation to find any solution to AFC’s refusal to provide a cost-of-living increase for their staff.

Jon Henning, Dunedin PSA organiser, said “AFC seem to think the Christmas spirit is something foreign to them,”


“It will be a tough Christmas for hard working AFC staff, who help local families down on their luck, and are now finding things tough for their own families.


“The PSA tried to sit down in mediation with AFC, but that ended with AFC saying there was nothing further to discuss and that PSA should tell them what industrial action would be taking place.


“The PSA was disappointed that AFC refused our offer to keep talking as we felt like we were making progress.


“AFC has an opportunity to show their staff that they are valued, but instead they are becoming the grinch.


“PSA members at AFC have one Christmas wish – a fair deal from their employer,” said Jon Henning.


Industrial action details


  1. Work to rule: work the hours you are paid for (including only travelling for work related purposes in work time), take the breaks you are entitled to. Just do your role as set out in the job description. Don’t do overtime.
  2. Withdrawal of goodwill. Don’t clean cars. Don’t cover the absences of others. Don’t clean or tidy the kitchen or any other space on site.
  3. Withdrawal of cooperation in relation to the training of staff. Do not assist in the orientation or training of new staff.
  4. No work after close of business. Don’t answer phones or emails outside work hours. All electronic equipment to be returned to the office by close of business each day.
  5. Cessation of the inputting of hours into the agency database.
  6. No chairing or taking of minutes of internal agency meetings.
  7. Pickets at lunch breaks and any meetings of the agency’s Board.