Women have waited too long for equal pay – Govt needs to hurry up


New Zealand is on the verge of making history by recognising the true value of women’s work – so the Cabinet should urgently make it a reality, the Public Service Association says.

Ministers have received the recommendations of the Pay Equity Joint Working Group and are currently considering them.

The PSA has written to all Cabinet ministers to urge them to accept the recommendations in full - so New Zealand can regain its place as a trailblazer for gender equality.

PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk has also asked to arrange meetings for Cabinet ministers with home care workers – to learn first-hand about the work they do, and the hardships they face.

“The recommendations of the Working Group acknowledge that it’s time equal pay claims were taken seriously and that all women are Worth 100%,” she says

“The PSA has been fighting for equal pay for 102 years.

“Thousands of our members are employed in ‘women’s work’ jobs like administration and clerical staff, social workers and home care.

“I hope Cabinet ministers will accept my offer to meet some of them.”

Once the recommendations are accepted, any employee can begin a claim with their employer if they believe they’ve been underpaid because their work is predominantly done by women.

But Ms Polaczuk warns the fight isn’t over, and financial commitments need to be made.

“Paying women 100% will cost money.

“Employers must be ready to deliver on equal pay urgently, because women have already waited far too long.”