Work and Income union remembers Ashburton tragedy


The Public Service Association (PSA) will be thinking of the family, friends and colleagues of the two Ashburton Work & Income workers killed at work one year ago.

Richard Wagstaff, PSA National Secretary, said “Our hearts go out to all those who knew Peg Noble and Leigh Cleveland. They will be feeling it today,”

“PSA members filled a condolence book for Ashburton Work & Income staff after the shootings, and our members’ thoughts will again be with them today.

“One year on, it is good to see that awareness of safety for public servants, and Work & Income staff in particular, has been raised.

“We worked closely with Work & Income on their safety review and are hopeful that the measures put in place have helped to reassure Work & Income staff that they will be safe.

“Increased recognition amongst Work & Income staff of the importance of reporting incidents, and training on de-escalation, have been positive changes.

“The wider state sector has recognised that there is significant work to be done to ensure we are meeting best practice to keep staff safe, and that work continues.

“Senior Canterbury PSA delegates will represent our 62,000 members at memorial services today,” said Richard Wagstaff.