Workers reject Greater Wellington’s bargaining offer


Public Service Association (PSA) and Central Amalgamated Workers Union (CAWU) have voted overwhelmingly to reject Greater Wellington Regional Council’s bargaining offer.

PSA national secretary Glenn Barclay said the vote reflects an unwillingness on the part of Greater Wellington to meaningfully engage with the unions on several fundamental issues.

“One of our greatest concerns is Greater Wellington’s reluctance to clarify issues such as the worker ‘standby’, ‘higher duties allowance’ and ‘community service leave’. This lack of transparency puts our members in a vulnerable position, and gives Greater Wellington the ability to change the rules without a reasonable process’,” Mr Barclay says. “It’s not good practice when it comes to human resource management and it’s not good enough for our members.

“Our members are particularly concerned about the council’s unwillingness to address the question of standby, where they are paid a small allowance as compensation for being available but are often required to do work at home during that time. This is inequitable. No other council we know of expects employees to work while only being paid a standby allowance,” Mr Barclay said.

The unions plan to meet with Greater Wellington as soon as possible to address issues within the collective agreements.

“We are optimistic that we can find resolution on our members’ outstanding concerns, but the unions are also considering options for industrial action.”