Worrying fall for NZ in global corruption index


New Zealand’s slipped down the rankings in a worldwide corruption index, and the Public Service Association’s urging the government to take it seriously.

Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 has seen New Zealand slip from second place to fourth - its lowest ranking since 1998.

"While our members work extremely hard to maintain an open and impartial public service, the government’s been complacent about New Zealand’s reputation," says PSA National Secretary Glenn Barclay.

"For the past decade, New Zealand has consistently come first or first equal - but the slide began last year.

"We’re not surprised, because we’ve noticed a growing lack of transparency.

"Journalists and members of the public are reporting increasing manipulation of the Official Information Act, with delays and demands for payment becoming commonplace.

"The secrecy around the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, the murky process around the Auckland Convention Centre deal and Serco’s handling of Mount Eden Prison have made things worse".

The Public Service Association is calling for greater transparency in the awarding of contracts, including full public consultation where services are privatised.

"Integrity is one of New Zealand’s most important assets, and our public servants work hard to maintain that," Mr Barclay said.

"We can’t afford to slip any further down these rankings, and we call on National to do everything it can to promote open, honest government."