Young people feel betrayed by Government over zero-hour contracts


The youth network of the Public Service Association (PSA), New Zealand’s largest union, says young people feel betrayed by the Government who have entrenched unfair zero-hour contracts instead of keeping their promise to get rid of them.

“Everybody deserves to have secure work that they can plan their life around,” said Caleb Gordon, co-convenor of the PSA Youth network.

“The Government promised to ban zero-hour contracts, but instead they’ve proposed this law change which entrenches them.

“Our young people have been totally let down by the Government’s U-turn on zero-hour contracts.

“Unreliable hours and insecure work means not knowing each week if you’ll be able to pay the rent, let alone live a good life.

“Work should be a part of our lives – but secure work means our lives can be so much more,” said Caleb Gordon.




PSA Youth is the largest network within the Public Service Association, with over 10,000 members working in public services, the wider state sector, local government, health and community services.


PSA Youth submission on the Employment Standards Legislation Bill