DHB Election Issues

While the work of district health board members often goes unseen, they help make critical decisions about the health services you and your whānau receive in your communities.

That’s why in 2019 we urge you to vote for DHB candidates who support four priorities which are crucial for our workers in district health boards, and for all of us who may need health services now or in the future.


DHB Issues

Equal pay for health workers is a key election priority



We believe that work at all levels of the health and disability sector should be properly valued and paid accordingly.

The value of better pay and working conditions is immense, helping to improve staff morale and retention, reduce workloads, and ensure consistent services.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure our equal pay claims for DHB admin workers, nursing, and allied, public health, and technical workers have backing at DHB board level.



As alarming rates of attacks and abuse against health workers continue to be reported, the need for safer staffing levels has never been more urgent.

DHBs must recognise that safe workplace environments are a prime requirement for the development of the health workforce and the provision of high-quality services.

Low staffing levels also contribute to a downward spiral of increased workloads, staff burnout, and more staff leaving. We want candidates who  understand that workforce shortages must be addressed to reverse that trend, and build capability to meet increasing demand.


DHB candidates should also back the implementation of recommendations in the Mental Health and Addiction Government Inquiry report.  They include expanding access and choice, strong action on alcohol and drugs, and preventing suicide.
While the Government has accepted or agreed to consider 38 of the recommendations, the PSA wants the voice of workers to be considered by decision makers including DHBs as they are implemented.

There also needs be an emphasis on developing a workforce that can deliver the services that are needed.



We want DHB candidates to back a new PSA and E tū campaign to improve conditions for home support workers who provide a vital service for thousands of New Zealanders.

The Let’s Bring This Home campaign highlights how workers’ guaranteed hours are frequently cut, and how travel time payments haven’t been increased in five years and do not cover costs.

We believe a consistent well funded system needs to be implemented urgently to ensure the future of the home support sector, and the wellbeing of clients and workers.