Stark statistics help fight for equal pay and transparency

More than a third of PSA members or 27,291 of you shared your pay information with us in our first union-wide pay survey in September.

Your salaries generally reflect the gender and ethnic pay gaps seen in the wider workforce with Pākeha men well out in front of other groups.

Graph 1

We are starting to analyse the results by occupation to support our work to achieve equal pay. 


We also plan to use the data to create a new online pay tool which should be available for use by members only from early next year.

The tool is an important development as it will help give members transparency around pay rates in their profession, national secretary Glenn Barclay says.

“Without pay transparency people negotiating their pay are on an uneven footing with their employer. It allows pay inequities to continue and grow.

“There is very little transparency in New Zealand around rates of pay for different occupations. We aim to use the survey to make this kind of information available to you in an ongoing way.”


Initial analysis of the data shows the average full-time equivalent salary for PSA members is $66,482, while the median is $61,000.

Graph 2


We are also using the survey results to model changes to the PSA fee structure to make it fairer. We’ll let you know more about that once the analysis is complete.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey!