We all care we all count photo activity

Did you recently attend a stop work meeting for Admin/Clerical in the DHB's? Here is your guide on how to complete the we all care we all count photo activity

Step 1- Download a copy of the photo taking tips guide

Step 2 - Download and print a copy of the sign to hold (note there is 2 to choose from)

version 1- use this one if you are not yet in bargaining   

version 2- Use this one if your collective expired in March

Step 3- Save your photo and send it through to us at campaigns@psa.org.nz

Make sure you include in the title We all care, we all count photo

Include your name, which hospital you are from and what department you work in.

Note: we will not publicly publish this information but to further support our case identifying factors like departments and hospitals can be useful in bargaining