About MyPay

MyPay was built by the goodwill and collective spirit of thousands of PSA members who shared their salary data in the spirit of working together for a fairer, more transparent pay system for all.

badge4Why pay transparency is important

Up until now, pay data has been used by employers to inform employer decision-making, rather than being available to workers to inform theirs.

There is no doubt data about pay rates is a powerful thing, but for too many workers it’s been out of reach. For too long PSA members have been making big decisions about their careers without full information.

This PSA pay transparency tool changes that.


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“Without pay transparency, it’s kind of like fighting fog. You are trying to validate to yourself and others that this problem exists,”

- PSA Women’s Network Co-Convenor, Nancy McShane.



Information is available so that people “can compare their wages with others in their sector to determine whether they are paid appropriately for their current role”

- Ministry for Women