• Posted on: 6/05/2022
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Allied health workers are still hoping for an offer from DHBs and the Ministry of Health in time to avert strike action by 10,000 essential workers.

Last Friday, the Employment Relations Authority released its report and recommendations on the allied health workers’ industrial dispute to the union and the DHBs.

PSA organiser, Will Matthews says, “The information remains confidential unless both parties agree to its release.

What I can say is that if the DHBs honour the recommendations, we would be happy to take that offer to our members for a vote.

As of today, we have not received an offer that will pay this group of overworked and undervalued workers what they deserve. And in the meantime, many of these 10,000 workers can’t pay the bills and are leaving for higher paid jobs at KFC, or being actively recruited by Australian health agencies.

We will be taking industrial action from Monday, and those strikes will continue until the employers bring an offer to the table that truly recognises the value of these workers.”

Allied health workers are a group of 10,000 workers across over 70 professions including Anaesthetic Technicians, Oral Health Therapists, Alcohol and Drug Clinicians and Sterile Sciences Technicians.

They begin two weeks of work-to-rule industrial action on Monday 9 May and will also strike for 24 hours on 16 May.