• Posted on: 10/09/2022
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Allied health workers recently ratified a ‘life-changing’ pay settlement, in an incredible vindication of the power of collective action.

The news comes after 19 months of tireless negotiations, in which Allied workers lobbied, marched, and withdrew their labour for 24 hours during a series of rolling demonstrations.


More than 98 per cent of health professionals voted to accept the deal which – for many members – will make the difference between living comfortably and just scraping by.

Sterile services technician Amy Thompson says: “It means I have a little extra money to play with. Money to get a haircut, visit the dentist, maybe even enjoy the occasional therapeutic massage: the little things in life.

“But more than that, I’ve learnt how to make change, rather than just waiting around for it to happen.”


Amy isn’t alone. PSA research shows the We Are Allied campaign had a galvanising effect on Allied members.

The campaign evaluation, which compares member responses from April 2021 and July 2022, found Allied members were now 33 per cent more active within the PSA, while member inactivity fell by more than 24 per cent.

What’s more, 86 per cent of Allied members now believe in the power of unions to affect positive change.


PSA organiser Will Matthews agrees: "This deal serves as an example of what working people can do if they unite behind common issues. Our campaign was the physical embodiment of ‘strength in numbers’.”

"We would like to express our thanks to the people who backed us every step of the way. From members of parliament to people on the street, your support meant so much."