• Posted on: 2/03/2022
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The PSA will be vigorously opposing the DHBs’ attempts to stop strike action by 10,000 allied, scientific and technical health workers planned for Friday.

PSA organiser Will Matthews says, “We have been consistently clear that we are not trying to negotiate our pay equity claim through this process. We are seeking a payment that will ensure our members can stay afloat while we do negotiate their pay equity claim”.

The Minister of Health has stated that he is urging the DHBs to reach a resolution to this issue, like he did for other DHB employees.

“A heavy-handed legal approach is not the solution,” Will says.

“DHBs have had 15 months to come to the table with a decent offer and they have failed to do that. We have been keeping our lines of communication open and have taken every step to make sure there are enough staff at work on Friday.”

“Going to the Courts at the last minute is a cynical move. It will not resolve the problems these workers are facing.”

“Our members’ workloads are excessive, and they are exhausted. Our negotiations need to address this, short staffing and staff retention.”

“We are dismayed that these employers are going down this route in relation to a matter of fair pay and equal treatment for workers, including recognition of their short staffing issues.”

“The fact the DHBs are taking this step demonstrates the critical nature of this workforce. Workers do not want to strike but they have had enough, and this is their last resort. We have no options left.”

“The DHBs can resolve this for all of us by coming to the table with an offer that provides fair pay and equal treatment for our critical and essential members.”