• Posted on: 5/01/2018
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Glenn Barclay, PSA national secretary, said "These changes are welcome and needed, and it’s good to see the Government standing by working people in New Zealand,"

"The addition of requiring pay rates in all collective agreements is significant, and reinforces decisions made in our favour in the Employment Relations Authority.

"We are glad the Government recognises that the strengthening of union involvement is crucial to achieving better conditions for all people working in New Zealand.

"We are glad employers will once again have a duty to conclude collective bargaining - it is only fair that they finish negotiations with their own employees.

"The return of rest and meal breaks is essential for a healthy and safe workforce.

"The only dark spot was keeping 90 day trials for employees in smaller workforces, and a probationary period for those in larger ones - the fairer thing would be to completely repeal the concept.

"We look forward to continuing to work with The Government on what is best for the working rights of people in New Zealand," Said Glenn Barclay.