• Posted on: 30/10/2021
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The network aims to build union organisation to improve workplace sustainability, and contribute to local, national and global campaigning for environmental justice and climate change action. We also demonstrate leadership and rangatiratanga on workplace sustainability. 

Following a vote at Congress in November last year, we became a formalised network of the PSA.

With over 2000 members, our network reaches into a range of workplaces with decision-making powers and expertise in climate and environmental action. This is a great opportunity for our union to leverage our skills and talents to advocate for major changes in the way Aotearoa responds to climate change.


Recently we have advocated for our union to have a strategic goal focused on climate justice.

This has resulted in climate change being interwoven across our existing strategic goals, reinforcing the many diverse impacts that climate change will have on our members.

From the way we travel to work, to the work we do, we know that climate change is going to affect our members.

It’s important that we ensure that we are creating a just transition for workers.

This will enable people to retrain and redeploy from jobs that disappear in a changed world, where there is a safety net for everyone impacted, and where we ensure people are housed, fed and supported, regardless of what happens to their jobs.

It will also encourage the creation of new jobs that mitigate the effects of climate change, such as planting billions of native trees or building cycle lanes.


As well as this advocacy work, network members discuss workplace sustainability. We are developing guidelines for raising environmental issues at work and through the union, including through bargaining.  We are drafting model clauses for use in bargaining to enable worker-driven climate action. 

We would love to see the network grow.  You can sign up by logging into My PSA on the PSA website, or by emailing eco@psa.org.nz

For more information see www.psa.org.nz/eco .  You can also email us at eco@psa.org.nz

Nā Briar Wyatt, Eco network national co-convenor