• Posted on: 25/10/2018
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Ngā Kaitūhono, PSA Māori members at the Ministry of Social Development, have signed a brand new engagement agreement, based on Te Ao Māori and the principles of Ngā Kaupapa.

Congratulations to Ngā Kaitūhono and the Ministry of Social Development for signing a relationship and engagement agreement. Ngā Kaitūhono is the structure for Māori PSA members within the Ministry of Social Development. This agreement represents years of work establishing a structure for Māori within the Ministry of Social development, and is based on the principles outlined in Ngā Kaupapa.

On May 1 this year, Ngā Kaitūhono presented MSD with a proposed different way of working with and engaging Māori PSA members within MSD. By recognising and operating according to Te Ao Māori (Māori World View), our members would feel better valued, supported, and engaged with their work, and by extension deliver better services and outcomes to the clients and communities we serve.

The signing took place at MSD’s office in Wellington, and was signed by Maxine Wynyard, Ngā Kaitūhono convenor and Brendan Boyle, Chief Executive.

“Now that we have this agreement it’s time to breathe life into it.”