• Posted on: 30/06/2021
  • 2 minutes to read

Technology is an essential tool in modern workplaces. Here are some kupu and phrases that could come in handy at work or at home

Wireless        Wi-fi 
What is the password of wireless ?
What's the Wi-Fi password?

Connect Bluetooth frequency       
Sends by connecting a frequency to you.
I can bluetooth it to you.

Viral Spread        This video
has spread . Fear takes over!
This video has gone viral . I love it!

Change        Tītaka
change how the face!
Rotate the screen!

Karere        Message
Me tuku karere mai.
Just message me.

Paetukutuku        Website
Ko tā mātou wāhitau paetukutuku psa.org.nz
Our website address is psa.org.nz

Pātuhi        Text
Tēnā, pātuhitia mai ngā taipitopito?
Can you text me the details please?

Pikitia kōtaha        Profile picture
He pai ki a au tō pikitia kōtaha.
I like your profile picture.

Pūatahanga        Emoji
He aha i nui ai ngā pūatahanga nāu i tuku mai?
Why do you send so many emoji’s?

Pūhihiko        Charger
Ki a au tō pūhihiko? Kua mate taku waea.
Can I borrow your charger? My phone is dead.

Takiuru        Log on
Kua takiuru mai koe?
Are you logged on?

Taupānga        App
Kei runga te taupānga i tō waea?
Do you have the app on your phone?

Tiri        Share
Tiria mai koa ki a au?
Can you share that with me?

Online        Online
can register internal online .
You can register online .

Mobile phone        Mobile phone
I need a new mobile phone .
I need a new mobile phone .

Address        Address
is my address email and editor@psa.org.nz
My email address is editor@psa.org.nz

For more Technology Go to www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/hangarau