• Posted on: 30/10/2021
  • 2 minutes to read

It is such a privilege to acknowledge the enormous contribution Jenny Goodman has made to the PSA and the working conditions of her colleagues around the country.

The establishment of the community public services sector was the result of Jenny’s hard work. She knew right from the start how important it was for people working in the community to have a voice on our PSA executive board. She then went on to be the first community public services representative on the board.

Jenny is passionate, compassionate, strong and caring. She is also fearless! Speaking truth to power was her superpower.


Being the claimant, on behalf of all home support workers, for the in-between travel legal case was a courageous action that resulted in the recognition of travel time and travel pay for thousands of working people.

Jenny was also at the forefront of the equal pay campaign for care and support workers. She was the go-to person to speak to media, and lobby funders and politicians. She was a key speaker at the Human Rights Caring Counts Summit and contributed to the Caring Counts Report produced by the Human Rights Commission.

Jenny was not only a giant on the national stage advocating for care and support workers, she also worked tirelessly supporting and representing those within her own workplace, dealing with the daily injustices experienced by home support workers and encouraging people to join the PSA.

My life at the PSA will not be the same without Jenny. Her kindness towards others will be greatly missed by her union comrades, and the people she has supported in her role as a home support worker.

Our union is indebted to Jenny and is stronger because of her advocacy.


“Thank you for all the years of hard work in the PSA making our working conditions better.” Nerrolli

“You have shown resilience, determination and strength to challenge the goliaths of the health sector – a bit like a pit bull in a ‘Dear Granny’ costume!”  Ngapera

“Thank you for everything.” Claudia

“Jenny, you are kindest person I have ever met, full of knowledge, it has been my pleasure knowing you.” Eleanor

“It has been a pleasure working with you in bargaining.” Kelly

“PSA is not just a brand, a union – it is family and friendships. Thank you for being you and inspiring and supporting thousands through your PSA journey” Maggie

“I really appreciated Jenny’s knowledge of the history of the PSA and HealthCareNZ, her connection with her members and common sense approach.” Chris

“You will always be a friend. I hope you can now put your feet up and have more time for yourself.” Beryl


 Main picture caption: Jenny Goodman (4th from right) with community public service delegate committee