• Posted on: 10/09/2022
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The PSA recently negotiated a pay equity settlement for social workers from five organisations across Aotearoa after a pay rise at Oranga Tamariki left NGO workers feeling the pinch.

In 2019, Government social workers received a 30 per cent pay rise. While this win was richly deserved, it left some smaller agencies struggling to keep up.

Social workers in the NGO sector faced a difficult decision: settle for low pay in the jobs they love, or leave in search of greener pastures elsewhere.

But after three years of tireless negotiation, this settlement will finally realign pay between the Government and NGO sectors – with sweeping pay increases on the horizon for social workers across Aotearoa.

“A lot of my colleagues were leaving to go where the money is,” explains PSA delegate Gipsy Pirika, school social worker for Barnardos New Zealand.

"You can’t blame them but it’s a shame. Barnardos is a lovely place to work. That's what you want when your mahi is taxing – somewhere that looks after you, takes care of you, prioritises your health.

“This settlement will help people stay in the jobs they love for longer.”