• Posted on: 23/07/2017
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PSA convener Diana Te Rata and national delegate Aleeta Hau about the development and implementation of Te Mahere Rautaki o Te PSA.

Ministry of Education (MoE) PSA delegates Diana Te Rata and Aleeta Hau have done some great work with the MOE National Delegates Committee to develop a ToW strategy specifically for their Ministry.

Delegates around the country are working together with members on strategies to support the ToW agenda. In the past year, delegates have made progress across all five strands of the agenda and in all five of the sectors that make up the PSA (the public service, the state sector, district health boards, local government and community public services).

At MoE, Diana says Te Mahere Rautaki o Te PSA is a strategy and workplan framed in the ToW and Ngā Kaupapa principles: Kaitiakitanga (Fair and Secure), Manaakitanga (Health and Safety), Whakahiato Umanga (Career Development), Whanaungatanga (Personalised) and Whakamana (Trust and Effectiveness).

When asked about how the plan was developed, Diana said ensuring that things are member-led is really important.

“Members fed back to the draft developed by the National Delegate Committee at the Have Your Say hui last year. The PSA members at MoE own this plan, they believe its objectives are achievable and are committed to delivering on them.”

Diana explains the Ngā Kaupapa principles are in the collective agreement (CEA) and relationship agreement with MOE so it made sense to include them throughout the workplan.

“Te Mahere Rautaki is about supporting the implementation of both documents as well as the Health & Safety Participation Agreement,” says Diana.

When asked what the workplan had delivered so far, Aleeta Hau said Te Mahere Rautaki was about building member’s confidence and supporting them to have important conversations that uphold the principles of the CEA.

For example, the new workload cover clause sits under the Manaakitanga/Health and Safety principle. It empowers PSA members to have conversations with their managers about their workload.

“We’re not done yet, but there is a lot more engagement and discussion on performance management between members and managers, members and delegates, management and delegates, and at the Performance Management/ Remuneration Working Group that is in the Terms of Settlement” says Aleeta Hau.

Māori members have developed a specific Ngā Kaupapa strategy that is underpinned by Te Tiriti o Waitangi and promotes unity and strength for Māori members. Māori members have said that the principles, practice and tasks are ātaahua and from a Māori world view.

Feedback from the Have Your Say 2017 hui is currently being collated for the 2017 to 2019 Te Mahere Rautaki and Ngā Kaupapa strategies. Both strategies will be sent to members for endorsement.

Interested in developing a strategy based on Transforming Our Workplaces for your workplace? Get in touch with your delegate or worksite organiser.