• Posted on: 9/09/2016
  • 1 minute to read

For many of us, sexual harassment is a reality in our workplaces.

A recent State Services Commission survey of state servants found that 1% of people reported being sexually harassed in the workplace in the previous year.

For PSA delegates, responding to sexual harassment can be complex – needing to address the issue while ensuring that those who have been harassed are not subject to further victimisation.

A new resource, Calling Out Sexual Harassment: A guide to dealing with sexual harassment and creating safe, respectful workplaces is now available to help guide delegates and members through dealing with the issue.

The booklet provides useful definitions, details of the impact of sexual harassment, how it differs from other forms of bullying and harassment, and the law.

Our role as PSA delegates and members in confronting sexual harassment and ensuring our organisations have strong policies and procedures in place is extensively covered, so that anyone can make sure they know what to do, and how their organisation should act where sexual harassment is reported.

Lastly, the booklet has a step-by-step guide that delegates can use to make sure that a person who has been sexually harassed gets the support they need to raise the issues in ways that keep them safe.

As the booklet says, “by working toward a culture where negative and inappropriate words and actions are not tolerated you are ensuring that your place of employment is safer, more productive and a lot more enjoyable – for everyone.”  

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