• Posted on: 2/02/2022
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PSA national secretary Kerry Davies says, “Creating sustainable solutions is achievable when government, unions and business are on the same page. Along with Māori, reflecting Te Tiriti and involving both workers and employers in its development and governance means it’s more likely to work.

Now is the time for our welfare state to evolve to meet the challenges and needs of the 21st century.  Climate and technology change will mean people’s working lives will be increasingly disrupted and the pandemic has shown us that Government and public services have a key role in actively supporting people through this. 

We know that over the coming years as our society transforms to a low-emissions one, some industries are going to wind down while others start up. A social insurance scheme will give workers security and space to retrain, upskill and transition into good quality, sustainable jobs.

A social insurance scheme and a well-functioning welfare system go hand in hand. Putting in place a social insurance scheme doesn’t mean that welfare reform is unnecessary; we still believe that the Government should act on the Welfare Expert Advisory Group’s recommendations.

Many PSA members work in ACC and MSD and have the expertise and knowledge to help us build a great system. We’ll be seeking their views over the coming weeks.”