• Posted on: 15/05/2022
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Comments made this morning by the Ministry of Health and Government Ministers about the content of the DHB’s offer to allied health workers and about the Employment Relations Authority recommendations are unproductive in the extreme, the PSA says. 

PSA organiser, Will Matthews says, "Cherry picking the parts of a document to support your argument and paint the other party in a bad light is unhelpful. It is game-playing and this is not a game.

Our aim, and our only aim, is to achieve a settlement that will value our members and provide a decent pay rise for this group of workers.

The ERA facilitator's recommendations delivered a lot more than the offer we received on Friday.

Before the Ministry of Health intervened, we had reached a point where we had agreement on a solution that we would have been happy to take to our members. We must get back to that point as quickly as possible.

We have lost confidence in the Ministry of Health and call for negotiations to passed to the HealthNZ interim agency."