• Posted on: 31/03/2021
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As we await the Government’s response to the health and disability sector review, we asked our PSA Community Public Services and DHB sector committees what they’re looking for.


What are the most important issues CPS members want the review to address?

It has exposed systemic failings across the health and disability sector.

It shows the system issues that have created unfair working conditions, unrealistic expectations about hours of work, and a wage that often leaves our members having to scrape to get by.

We need better working conditions, secure hours of work, fair wages, and quality training so we can provide quality services. Our members deserve to feel valued for their mahi.

What changes are needed to fix the issues?

We support the implementation of an integrated, national, health and disability system. 

A system that eliminates the competitive market where private organisations compete for contracts and then "clip the ticket" on funding that should be fully utilised by the person needing that service.

We deserve a transparent, fair system starting with the person providing the service and ending with the recipient of vital services.

Why is it crucial to involve unions in the implementation of a transformed system?

It is vital workers have input through their unions. At the core of a transformed system there will be skilled, specialised workers that are essential to services and vital stakeholders in the process of change. 

Union involvement brings frontline wisdom to the table.



What are the most important issues DHB sector members want the review to address?

Inequitable service provision for those with chronic health conditions, disabilities or older people. 

There are also significant issues with provision of care depending on your locality, such as “post code cancer care”.

Funding and delivery of mental health services needs to be improved.

There are also issues with work environments, staffing levels, pay & conditions and leadership across the health sector.   

What changes are needed to fix those issues?

We want a less fragmented system that is equitable for all, focused on outcomes and patient centred care. Improved leadership will go a long way to improving environment, staffing and pay and conditions!  Moving away from population-based funding and focusing on delivering responsive and effective health services across the country.


Why is it crucial to involve unions in the implementation of a transformed system?

Those who work in the health and disability system are acutely aware of its strengths and weaknesses.  ‘We’ the highly unionised health sector can support change that will build upon the systems strengths and alleviate its weaknesses IF our voices via our union are heard!