UNIONPOWER by Switch Utilities

PSA Plus has teamed up with Switch Utilities to create UNIONPOWER.

85% of PSA Members quoted by UNIONPOWER can save money on their energy*

How do I find out more?


Simply visit this page to request a call or bill comparison.

Please note UNIONPOWER is not currently available on the Aurora Energy network.

*correct for all quotes April to June 2017

How does UNIONPOWER operate?

UNIONPOWER works seamlessly in the background. Our customer service team will review your current energy bill using special PSA Plus rates and will strive to offer you a better price than you pay today. Enjoy the benefit of being a member of a large organisation.

switch06switch2Who looks after the change over?

We do. Changing to UNIONPOWER by Switch Utilities is easy and seamless. We take care of the entire process for you. We contact your current retailer and let them know you’ve decided to join us. They’ll send you a final account and the following month after that you’ll receive your first account from Switch Utilities. Simple and easy, no mess and no fuss.

switch02As a consumer, do I still get my yearly pay-out/dividend (rebate)?

YES. Network rebates often apply when a local network company is owned by a trust. Rebates occur when dividends are paid to the trust, or a refund of line charges is made. Retailers are required to pass on any network rebates to the consumer, if you are eligible for them, in full via your bill.

switch03Who fixes the faults and outages?

Regardless of who sends you the bill, you have a local network company that looks after the local network of power lines and gas delivery. They are responsible for fixing any fault and outage.

switch04Who will read my meter and how often will it be read?

Switch Utilities will arrange for a reputable meter reading company to read your meter. The likelihood is that it’ll be the same company that currently reads your meter. So long as we have access, Switch Utilities will endeavour to read meters monthly.

switch05Who will make my electricity, and where will it come from when I change to Switch Utilities?

When you change to Switch Utilities you’ll be using exactly the same electricity as you do now and it’ll come from exactly the same place as it does now.

switch06How does electricity get from where it’s made to where it’s used?

The entire country from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South is connected by a network of high voltage power lines called the national grid. It connects all the local networks where people use power, to the power stations that make it.

Who is Switch Utilities Limited?

Switch Utilities is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies (Deloitte Fast 50).

We offer both electricity and gas (reticulated) nationwide.

PSA already use Switch for their buildings and holiday homes. We offer competitive prices and great service.

For general enquiries call the Switch Utilities customer services line 0800 SWITCH (0800 794 824)