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This pay equity claim is in the: Settling the Claim Phase.

In April 2018 PSA lodged a pay equity claim on behalf of over 6700 clerical/administration members who work in our DHBs. Read on to find out more.

A year later in April 2019, DHB Admin workers presented the Heart of the Hospital petition to parliament, with over 12,800 signatures. The petitions called for the gender pay gap to be closed, and for pay increases that recognize the skill and expertise of DHB Admin workers alongside the historical undervaluation of that skill and expertise.

What we have done

  1. Investigated the work being done by Admin/Clerical occupations (claimants) and comparators (male-dominated occupations) using a gender-neutral tool.   
  2. Assessed remuneration for the claimant and comparator roles,
  3. Established undervaluation of the claimant roles, currently negotiating an outcome for the pay equity claim.

In October 2019 we reached agreement on an interim payment for the majority of our admin members and hoped to have a final settlement by June 2021

In October 2021 due to ongoing delays and an inadequate mandate from Government to settle the claim we again presented a petition to Minister Andrew Little at Parliament. Members also lobbied their local members of parliament.

In December 2021 we agreed a settlement in principle.

We are now able to share more of the details of that proposed settlement including the proposed settlement document.(see in the related documents section below)

Local Meetings are being arranged as we prepare for ratification later this week until the 16th May. ( See meeting list in the related document section below)

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