• Posted on: 1/12/2021
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This pay equity claim is in the: Settling the Claim Phase

The claim makes the case that employees in female dominated occupations have had their work undervalued because that work has traditionally been ‘women’s work’.

The DHBs have accepted our claim and agree that this work in DHBs is predominantly done by women and it is arguable that the work is currently and/or historically been undervalued, while noting that agreeing to proceed with a pay equity claim does not in itself predetermine a pay equity outcome.

What we have done

  1. Investigated the work being done by Nurses & Nurse Practitioners (claimants) and comparators (male-dominated occupations) using a gender-neutral tool.   
  2. Assessed remuneration for the claimant and comparator roles,
  3. Established undervaluation of the claimant roles, currently negotiating an outcome for the pay equity claim.

 In December 2021 we agreed a settlement in principle.

On 8 April 2022 we shared information about this settlement in principle

We will be setting up meetings and webinars in preparation for ratification from 20th April to 29th April

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The pay equity process

The diagram below sets out the stages of the processes we need to follow to settle our claim: 




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