Stand Together this Admin Appreciation Day

Admin Appreciation day is Wednesday 19th April and this year we are encouraging our members to celebrate the amazing work these unsung heroes do.

admin day poster 20 April3

Admin staff, hold the organisation together. Whether they look after a team, an individual or a whole company you can count on them to be the eyes and ears of your office. They are often the first point of contact for the public, called on to make critical decisions while juggling multiple tasks at once. Without Admin staff the public service would struggle. They are the unsung Heroes of all our organisation's.

Admin Appreciation day is Wednesday 19th of April and we are asking you to Stand Together and show them your appreciation.

You can do this by:

we'll pick some of the good ones to share on our face book page and the best ones will win a Stand Together prize pack for yourself and your admin person*

(*send your photos and profiles to, winners will be notified by email and all entries must be received by Wednesday 2 May.)

This Admin day take the time to have a look at the Equal Pay Campaign. Admin is often seen as “women’s work” and is not paid as well as work that requires similar skill and effort but is done mostly by men. Admin appreciation day is a good reminder to employers that a bunch of flowers is nice but a commitment to Equal Pay can make real change to how much admin are appreciated.