Union Aid - 10 Year Update

Ten years ago, a group of passionate volunteers began working closely with the Tamil Nadu Labour Union in India and the Federated Trade Unions of Burma working on the Thai border.

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 They witnessed working people struggling for justice, decent wages and better working conditions, but without the resources and tools needed to win.  That was the catalyst for UnionAID. 

Since then, we’ve changed many working peoples’ lives in the Asia – Pacific region. UnionAID has come this far because of the dedication of volunteers, NZ unions and people just like you. Most importantly, while we’ve backed them with resources and support from here, it’s the courage and determination of our partners overseas that has led to real success. They continue to inspire us every day. 

Now’s a good time to reflect on why you decided to become a Kiwi Solidarity donor. Whatever reason that may be, you can be sure that your contribution has made a real difference. 

This newsletter shares just some of the highlights from the past ten years. We hope you enjoy reading it and we thank you once again for your support.

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