Equal Pay for DHB Admin & Clerical


Negotiations regarding undervaluation of DHB Admin & Clerical workers at the Heart of the Hospital are set to begin February 2020

Signature DHB Admin Heart of the Hospital 4We are happy to advise that the PSA DHB Clerical Administration Pay Equity Claim has reached a significant milestone.

We have established the undervaluation of DHB admin workers in comparison to other comparator roles - this means we have now completed the second phase of the process and are preparing to enter the final phase, the settlement of the claim.

This achievement is one of many milestones since the claim was first raised in November 2018, representing 7000 PSA members. The claim was raised under the process recommended by the Joint Working Group on Equal Pay Principles.

What next?

The PSA is in the process of establishing its bargaining strategy and the bargaining team. We will be communicating with members later in January 2020 outlining our broad strategy and our bargaining teams.


Here you will find all the things you need to show your support for the Equal Pay Admin Clerical DHB Claim 

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Admin/Clerical are worth 100%


DHB Administration workers are at the Heart of the Hospital, keeping hospitals running with their vital roles behind the scenes. 

In April 2019, DHB Admin workers presented the Heart of the Hospital petition to parliament, with over 12,800 signatures. 

The petitions called for the gender pay gap to be closed, and for pay increases that recognize the skill and expertise of DHB Admin workers alongside the historical undervaluation of that skill and expertise.

Heart of the Hospital Worth100%

Representing 7000 members PSA raised the claim on Administrators Appreciation Day, which marks the massive contribution admin staff around New Zealand make to their workplaces.

"DHB clerical and administration staff are among the poorest-paid workers in the health system, and around 90 per cent of them are women," PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk says.

"They keep the system running, but most are paid little more than the minimum wage because their jobs have been considered ‘women’s work’.

"This claim, raised under the process recommended by the Joint Working Group on Equal Pay Principles, will set about ending this once and for all."

The claim has been endorsed by nearly 5000 PSA members working in DHBs. Here you can keep up today with how the Campaign is progressing, and ways to be involved.

Read the claim here, or the appendix to the claim here.

Meet your Admin Clerical Bargaining Team


Back row Nancy McShane , Ashok Shankar (PSA Organiser), Deb Williams, Sue McCullough (PSA Organiser) Bronni Mercier, Lisa Heap (PSA Equal Pay Advisor)

Front Jacky Maaka, Jeanette Wilkinson, Jennifer Rankin, Jaime Hewitson Townley

Absent: Deb Augur and Jo Taylor (PSA Campaigns Organiser)