• Posted on: 10/09/2022
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Members in DHB admin and clerical roles recently ratified an ‘epic, mana-enhancing’ pay deal which is set to transform the lives of some of the sector’s lowest-paid workers.

PSA delegate Nancy McShane says the historic victory has triggered a “quantum shift” in members’ willingness to stand up for themselves in the workplace.

“Our profession has always felt invisible,” Nancy explains. “When I arrived in the role, the feeling was that nothing ever changes, but here we are – 13 years later – with this fantastic result!”

The deal is a reminder of the importance of working to lift pay and conditions across all occupations.

“It’s a victory for the entire health service,” Nancy continues. “The Allied workers are coming along behind us, and now NGO social workers as well.

“We’ve been pitted against each other to fight for crumbs for decades. Solidarity isn’t just about standing with your colleagues. It’s about standing with all professions in their time of need.”

PSA delegate Nia Bartley describes the deal as a “restorative win for all involved."

“This is a victory for future generations,” Nia says. “For those who left the workforce, and those who have sadly passed away.

“Many of my colleagues have worked multiple jobs for decades. They haven’t been able to spend time with their families. Others haven’t been able to contemplate starting families.

“This deal is a beacon of hope that will transform lives for the better."