• Posted on: 23/07/2021
  • 1 minute to read

PSA national secretary, Kerry Davies says, “The doubling of statutory sick leave entitlement from five days to 10 will make a huge difference to hundreds of thousands of working people. Covid has shown us very clearly how important it is to stay home and recover when we are unwell – and not risk the health of our colleagues by ‘battling on ‘ and coming in to work.”

“This will also make a big difference to parents and those who care for whānau, who need to take leave when their dependents are sick. Being able to take sick leave, rather than annual leave, means people can use annual leave for its intended purpose – rest, relaxation and recuperation.”

“Many union members already get the benefit of union negotiated leave in excess of five days. This legislation extends 10 days sick and domestic leave to all workers as a minimum. That success in collective negotiations does not stop us advocating for every other worker,” Ms Davies says.

“10 days sick leave is certainly not the end point, but it’s a great start. Anyone who has experienced an illness like cancer knows how fast sick leave and annual leave can dry up. An ideal leave system would provide leave for workers as they need it.”