• Posted on: 10/09/2022
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Last month, the PSA and more than 20 organisations from across the private, public and NGO sectors came together to launch the Vote Climate campaign.

With October’s local body elections fast approaching, the campaign encourages local government candidates to support investment in better public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure.


Transport is one of the biggest sources of emissions in Aotearoa. We drive more than almost any other country on earth. Roughly four out of five New Zealanders travel to work by car even in big cities like Auckland and Christchurch.

Transport is responsible for 39 per cent of our country’s domestic emissions, with 70 per cent coming from cars and other passenger vehicles.

The Government has pledged to reduce kilometres travelled by car by 20 percent by 2035. It’s a good start but it doesn’t go far enough.

That’s why we’re asking local government candidates across Aotearoa to put our climate first PSA Launches Vote Climate Campaign by signing up to our Vote Climate campaign.

  • More public transport, more often
    More frequent services in cities and towns, between centres and across regions

  • More affordable public transport
    More reduced fares and free services to encourage and broaden uptake

  • Safer and easier walking & cycling
    Investment in infrastructure to make cycling and walking safe and easy

  • More interregional public transport
    Investment in train and bus services, making it simpler to travel between cities, towns, and regions

PSA campaigns organiser Brendon Lane says: “We need urgent action to meet the our climate goals and local government has an important role to play.

“Yes, it’s about improving public transport in towns and cities, but we also need to create better interregional public transport to end our reliance on cars and planes.”

PSA president Benedict Ferguson says: “I’ve spent my whole working life in the local government sector. I’m a staunch public servant and I believe the time has come for our sector to deliver on climate action.

“Enough talk, more action!”

The PSA will survey candidates’ support for our asks and post their responses to our campaign website in the weeks leading up to October’s elections.

You can read the candidate's responses here